Advertise With Us is a brand new face to the world of Online Otaku Culture (おたく/オタク). Our website offers articles on anime, manga, figures, video games, Otaku culture, news updates and more that continually engage our readers. Our website,, provides updated news and articles throughout the week. Our team of writers take on topics that interest them and offer their unique view and present their personality through their writing. In the end we feel this approach provides articles with personality rather than just a wall of information – and this in turn makes the articles infinitely more interesting.

Our Objective

Everyone is writing on this website because of their love of Otaku Culture. We aren’t looking to make a lot of money and if possible we would like to have the site run ad-free. However, there are costs associated with hosting and running a website, so it’s simply not possible for us to run the site ad-free. Luckily one of our writers is a full-time web developer which really reduces cost, but we still have some minimum costs to cover like domain name registration and hosting.

Our goal when it comes to advertising on is to have advertising that our readers will actually want to see and integrate that advertising into the site in a way that actually looks good. We want the advertising to flow with the site and be useful, not just random ads that appear for phone companies and dating sites. We believe that if we are able to advertise well then our readers will feel more inclined to turn off things like ad-block and also more inclined to actually use the ads rather than just ignore them like on so many other sites.

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