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Brotakus.com is a brand new face to the world of Online Otaku Culture (おたく/オタク). Our website offers articles on anime, manga, figures, video games, Otaku culture, news updates and more that continually engage our readers. Our website, Brotakus.com, provides updated news and articles throughout the week. Our team of writers take on topics that interest them and offer their unique view and present their personality through their writing. In the end we feel this approach provides articles with personality rather than just a wall of information – and this in turn makes the articles infinitely more interesting.

In the end we want our articles to read like you’re talking to one of your friends about a new show you watched, a new volume of a manga, or a new figure you just ordered. Our biggest goal is to encourage an amazing community atmosphere where we’re all Brotakus together – so please comment and get as involved with the site as you can. Otaku Culture is something that is best shared with other people – your Brotakus.

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Otaku Culture (おたく/オタク)

Often, Otaku (おたく/オタク) is used in specifically referring to any type of geek or nerd. However, for Brotakus, the term Otaku and Otaku Culture in general refers to those who are obsessed with Japanese media as well as Japanese culture as a whole. Things like anime, manga, figures, cosplay all fall under the banner of Japanese media and culture, and therefore fall into what we like to write about here on Brotakus.com. Although we could just write bland information-based articles about these things, at Brotakus we want our authors to put their personality into the articles as well. We believe that this style will encourage discussion (hopefully intelligent discussion) and is what sets us apart from other similar websites.

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