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Legendary Collection Kaiba

Legendary Collection Kaiba. Crazy set. Crazy Reprints. Ash Blossom. Should you buy this? Read on to find out O.O

So I decided to go out and pick up two boxes of the new Legendary Collection Kaiba set that released today. Yes, I bought into the hype. In case you’re debating whether or not to buy this with all of the kerfuffle going on regarding short prints, ratios, and vendor claims to keep prices high, you can use this post as an honest 3rd party view of the product. Similar to the Gold Series box I opened a few years ago, this set is shiny as heck; everything is holographic.

To summarize some product info:

  • Price is MSRP 29.99 USD, or about 35-40 CAD.
  • Includes:
    • 5 Promo Cards
    • 3 Legendary Collection Kaiba Mega Packs
      • Each pack contains 4 Secret Rares and 6 Ultra Rares.
    • Double-sided folding cardboard playmat
  • In total there are 50 Secrets and 60 Ultras to collect in this set.
  • Notable Reprints (things previously elusive due to price and surging demand):
    • Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring
    • Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit
    • Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries
    • Droll & Lock Bird
    • Card of Demise
    • Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons
    • Return of the Dragon Lords
    • Number S39: Utopia the Lightning
    • Raigeki
So jumping right into it, you open it up and you get your pack of 5 promos and 3 Mega Packs. We’re going to get 12 Secret Rares and 18 Ultra Rares in here. That sounds good on paper, but in practice most of these are just kind of…filler.


The 5 Promos. Rhapsody and King of D. are both the new Blue-Eyes support. Loop of Destruction I can see being a tech in Pendulum Magicians. Goddess is a hand trap that is kind of situational so I’m not sure if it’ll see competitive play. Destruction Dragon is awful; he’s just kind of cool-looking.

And here’s what I pulled…

I decided to open the contents of the two boxes I bought instead of taking photos of every pack to save you all (and me) some time.

Out of two boxes, I pulled a whole of two notable cards: Ghost Reaper, and Return of the Dragon Lords. Two.

Perhaps I have bad luck, or my sample size isn’t big enough, but either way this was not a wise investment.

Based on this I would say that pretty much all of the best cards in this set are short printed. Do not be at all surprised if your box does not contain these either. Notwithstanding, there are still other non-notable cards that have some value. Terraforming Secret Rare is a 12 dollar card for example.

At least the double-sided playmat looks pretty awesome:

The texture is matted and smooth. It’s actually pretty sturdy and thicc too.
To be honest I’m wondering why Kaiba isn’t being associated with a Blue-Eyes monster…

























So there you have it.

I just barely broke even here value wise, assuming I can even sell everything at or around face value. If you want my opinion, this is not the best product to buy if you want to make your money back, and alas I firmly remain an advocate of buying singles. However, if you don’t care about value, and/or don’t intend to resell and make a profit, it’s definitely got a lot of awesome cards in it that any collector can appreciate.

The verdict, based on my anecdotal evidence, is that vendors aren’t actually lying about supply to keep the price high. The expensive cards are legitimately hard to pull, and can’t meet the demand. Thus we are stuck with even reprints of staples at an unreasonably high price point. The Ash reprint stands at 60-70 dollars. My heart goes out to all you budget players out there.

I hope you found this post useful (´・ω・`)

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