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Voice Actress Mizutani Yuuko Passes Away

YuukoIn recent anime news, Aoni Productions has reported that voice actress Mizutani Yuuko passed away from breast cancer on Tuesday, May 17.

The voice actress was 51 years old and was still quite active in her work.

Pinoko | Pinoco Penny Peach Black Jack Yuuko MizutaniMizutani has played many major and minor roles in shows such as Pinoko in many of the Black Jack TV anime, OVA, and films.
She also played the role of Kuramitsu Mihoshi in the Tenchi Muyo! franchise. Though these two roles are pretty well known, it is still not her most well known role.

Sakura SakikoMizutani Yuuko was most well known for playing Sakura Sakiko in the Chibi Maruko-chan TV anime series. The main character is Sakura Momoko, a young elementary school student often called “Chibi Maruko-chan” due to her young age and small size. Mizutani’s role Sakiko is Maruko-chan’s older sister. A sixth grader who is quite clever, calm and organized. She is seen as the exact opposite of her younger sister.

The official website for the Chibi Maruko-chan anime series has posted a message offering their condolences from the show’s cast, staff and the original manga creator Sakura Momoko. The post can be found here and can be summarized and translated as:

[Mizutani] has voiced the elder sister (Sakura Sakiko) in Chibi Maruko-chan on May 17, 2016 has passed away at 51. She has played the role since the show’s first broadcast in 1990, and she certainly brought life to the show. We mourn her loss.

Fuji TV will announce a successor voice actress for Sakura Sakiko at a later date.

Mizutani’s other notable roles include ” Digimon Adventure‘s Sora Takenouchi (as well as Otamon and Yagami Yuko), Super Robot Wars OG: Divine WarsExcellen BrowningPretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal‘s Tsukino IkukoMobile Suit Zeta Gundam‘s Cheimin Noa, InuYasha‘s Sōten, Arc the Lad‘s KukuruSaber Marionette J‘s Luchs, Nadia – The Secret of Blue Water‘s MarieGravitation: Lyrics of Love‘s Maiko Shindo, Excel Saga‘s Great Will of the Macrocosm and Pedro’s Wife, Zillion‘s Apple, Sorcerer HuntersChocolat Misu,  Magical Girl Pretty Sammy‘s Mihoshi Mizutani aka (Kuramitsu Mihoshi), The Guyver: Bio-Booster Armor‘s Mizuki SegawaTime of Eve‘s Naoko, Shiki‘s Kyouko Ozaki, Kasimasi – Girl Meets Girl‘s Namiko Tsuki, and One Piece “3D2Y” Ace no Shi wo Koete! Luffy Nakama to no Chikai‘s Nightin,  among many others.

Mizutani has also done voice acting in video games such as Iris in Project X Zone and Megaman X4Minnie Mouse in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, Militsa in Tales of Rebirth, and Draco Centauros from Puyo Puyo  just to name a few.

Mizutani Yuuko was married to director Nishikubo Mizuho who directed “Eiji”, Akai Koudan Zillion, Atagoal wa Neko no Mori, Bakuen Campus Guardress, Ghost in the Shell and much more.

Please let us all have a moment of silence for the loss of an amazing Voice Actor.


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