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I remember it like it was yesterday, remembering the good times I had, going down to the local library as a kid and reading the latest volume to be released. Naruto was one of the main series that I ended up going down and reading the books every chance I got.

Eventually, needing to keep up, I transferred over to online websites to keep up to date with everything. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Naruto or anything but I did enjoyed coming back to it every week and reading what crazy adventure that was happening. So when chapter 700 rolled around it was both heart wrenching and mellowing at the fact such a long standing series that I weekly read ended. Looking for my manga fix I came across Boku no Hero Academia, instantly it got my attention.

The thing is, a lot of series that I love involve anything with superheroes; One Punch Man, Tiger x Bunny, anything to do with Marvel or DC comics as well, so when I first found this series, it was a must-read. Now, before I go into details, for the readers that don’t know what Boku no Hero Academy is about, first go read the manga then go watch the anime ’cause I’m only going to give a small summary of it.

People have evolved, humans began developing things called quirks that give them unique super powers ranging from controlling fire to levitating very, very, small and light objects. Well, our protagonist, Midoriya, is a rare occurrence in this day and age, he does not have the genes that cause him to develop super powers resulting in him never being able to accomplish is goal of becoming a hero. A chance encounter with national hero All Might causes Midoriya to gain super powers, now we follow the adventures of Midoriya and his class as they develop as super heroes.

Ever since reading the first few chapters I instantly loved it, so as soon as I heard that Boku no Hero Academia was getting an anime adaptation I was barely able to sit still in my seat.

Basically, I was like this since the beginning.

Now after seeing the first few episode I’m like this

In all honestly, I’m glad that studio bones picked this series up and made an anime adaptation for it. Boku no Hero Academy is definitely on my list of anime that I’ll have to come back, week after week, to watch.

Now, every anime has its pros and cons — might as well start with the cons first — both the intro and the ending are not the best, they’re not bad by any stretch, but they’re just not as catchy ad the other anime intros and endings out there like one punch man or attack on titan. However, the intro is growing on me. The music is okay but the animation on the video part of it is gorgeous, giving us glimpses of the whole cast in their costumes and a couple of villains as well. All together, though the intro and ending suits the series, they’re not amazingly catchy but they do suit with the show.

Next is the pacing of the series. It’s slow; the first few episode where literally going chapter by chapter until episode 4. In episode 5 it starts to speed it up, ending around chapter 6. In episode 6,  it finally starts picking up by showing us the start of the mock fights, which only makes me want to see actual fighting even more. What worries me, though, is that the animation is only designated to go for 13 episodes, which will hopefully land it at the end of the unforeseen simulation arc where the villains fight with everyone.

It’s weird because it’s a Shounen Jump series, and not just any series, but a weekly Shounen Jump Series. My biggest complaint is that it’s only getting 13 episodes, while there’s other series, like World Trigger — which is on its second season, sitting at around 75 episodes — which are getting better allotments of episodes, but that’s just me ranting. Overall, if the series got more episodes it would have been great but it’s stuck with a short showing for now.

Now, a pro of this series is its animation. It’s crisp and clean, the powers and the environment are both beautifully animated; the lazars, fire, and even the barf, all of it is gorgeous.

My favorite feature is that All Might is extremely detailed compared from the rest of the cast making him literally on a whole other level. Every character also has a personality that matches, for example; Todoroki is a cool guy with ice powers (and another power. I’m not saying anything more. READ THE MANGA, it’s nuts.), Bakugou has a short fuse and explosive powers, and Midoriya is the an extremely “average joe” type of character, with super strength which is a very generic super power.

The last point I’ll make is about the story, the story, as a stated above, is about a young boy who wants to become a hero, and his journey and his struggle in becoming one. For one, compared to other anime, this one made me cry in the first episode just by the sheer determination that Midoriya has to become a hero and being told that he can’t due to him having no powers. When I watched Anohana I felt nothing. Clannad, felt nothing; Plastic Memories… Ok I felt something at the end. But, my point is, if you have any appreciation for heroes, you’ll feel something too.

Overall I’m definitely going to be enjoying my time watching this series and I hope you’ll end up watching this as well and enjoy it too. Now if you want an arbitrary review score, I’ll give you one, but rather than judge a series by it’s score you should give it a shot, you never know, you might like it.

The reason for the high scores is mainly due to its animation and story, the intro was about average, but the length of the season is too short to get a satisfying view of it. Other than that, hopefully it will get greenlit for another season because it's just that awesome. 😛
  • Story
  • Characters
  • Animation
  • Short Series
  • Less catchy OP and ED
  • Slow Pace

This is your friendly neighborhood brotaku cryogenz saying: Have a good night.

P.S. Aoyama = best hero


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