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The Harem King: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu

Harem (ハーレムもの hāremumono; “from harem?) in anime and manga is an emphasis on polygamous or love triangle relationships characterized by a protagonist surrounded amorously by three or more members of either the same and/or opposing gender, sex, and/or love interests.
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There are many amazing voice actors and actresses but I want to focus one today. Specifically Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, the Harem King. Now this is not a review about the voice actor himself, but rather a little look at the roles he plays, and the harems that he has built.

Now “Harem King” is not an official title, but it is a title that I am willing to give him due to the many roles that he has played up until this point. Almost any new Anime with the Harem tag will have him voicing the main protagonist.

His most well known role is probably “Kirigaya Kazuto” also known as Kirito from Sword Art Online.

Now this is not a conventional Voice Actor review or anything of the sort. This is just my opinion as well as an overview of some of the characters he voices and the harems that he has in them.

Sword Art Online

Kirito | Sword Art Online Kirito Kirigaya KazutoLet us start with SAO (Sword Art Online). For those of you who do not know, Sword Art Online is an Anime about a Virtual Reality world where people playing the game are stuck in the game, and if you die in the game, you die in real life. The only way out, is to beat the game. The main character Kirito (Matsuoka Yoshitsugu) is one of the people striving to return to reality.


Kirito Harem | Sword Art Online Kirito Harem Sinon Silica Lizbeth Asuna Leafa KleinNow throughout the adventures of Kirito, you get introduced to many characters… Mainly female characters including Asuna the flash a skilled rapier user, Lizbeth a master macer, and blacksmith of Kirito, and Silica the beast tamer as well as a Loli. Later on in the series girls such as Leafa a big breasted elf, and Sinon a blue haired sniper girl (Best Waifu in SAO in my opinion). There is even a man named Klein who I consider to be part of the Harem.

Now the story currently is only up to the Mother’s Rosario arc from the light novels, but you can believe that his harem grows as more plot is introduced.SAO Girls | Sword Art Online Harem Girls

Trinity Seven

Ksuga Arata | Trinity Seven ArataAnother role that the Harem King voices is Kasuga Arata from Trinity Seven. Trinity Seven is a story about Arata losing his childhood friend to something called the “breakdown phenomenon” which is a form of magic. He realizes that since he lost his best friend he has been stuck in an illusion created by a powerful book of spells (grimoire) and is given two options by the investigating mage… to hand over the book, or to die. Arata chooses the third option, and that is to join a top-secret magic school and learn to control his magic powers. There he meets seven beautiful magic users, the Trinity Seven.

Now as you suspected this is a harem where Kasuga Arata builds a harem. And the members of the harem, as you might expect, are the Trinity Seven members, as well as one or two other more minor characters.

Trinity Seven | Arata Lilith Yui Akio Levi Lieselotte Mira HaremLets list off the girls. The first being Asami Lilith, who is the investigating mage, and also a member of the Trinity Seven. Kannazuki Arin, a mysterious girl who looks like Aratas childhood friend and claims Arata to be her husband. Kazama Levi, who is the mage who excels in staying in the shadows, in other words she is a ninja. Kurata Yui, a childish looking girl with a dynamite body, but is often sleeping in her own world. Sherlock Lieselotte, a voluptuous girl known as an evil mage. Yamana Mira, a shy girl who is the head of the Grimoire Security. And finally Fudou Akio, Mira’s partner in operating the Grimoire Security and the one with the most Offensive power in the Trinity. The story follows Arata as he grows in power, and gains the affections of all the girls of the Trinity. The Trinity Seven also all approve of each other, and are all in agreeance to the Harem.

Shokugeki no Soma

Yukihira Souma | Yukihira Souma Shokugeki no SoumaOnce again our Harem King was chosen to voice the main character for another anime, Shokugeki no Souma. This is an Anime about food, where the main character Yukihira Souma develops a passion for entertaining customers with his creative, skilled and daring culinary creations. However, his father sends him to a famous food institution to hone his skills. At this school students hone their skills and challenge each other to be the best through “Shokugeki” or “food wars” where the students face off in intense, high-stakes cooking showdowns.

Shokugeki | Shokugeki no Souma Harem Yukihira Erina Megumi
A WARNING to those who are planning on watching this show. This is quite ecchi (lewd) and whenever a character eats good food they will have an erotic scene.



Yukihira Harem | Yukihira Souma Harem Megumi Nikumi ErinaNow like any other Harem anime, Shokugeki no Souma does not lack the girls. These girls are all classmates of Souma and all develop “feelings” towards him after they taste his food. The first one of these girls is his childhood friend (from before going to the cooking academy) Kurase Mayumi. Though she is not from the Tootsuki Culinary Academy, she is one of the prime supporters to his cooking. Next is the Academy’s own princess, the Granddaughter of the Chairman of the Academy, Nakiri “God’s Tongue” Erina. Before you ask, the “God’s Tongue” refers to her having an extremely accurate and acute sense of taste. She after tasting Souma’s food starts to question what she feels for him (shes a tsundere). Now this harem has to also have they shy quiet type of girl as well, Tadokoro Megumi, a girl from a small village who has been getting horrible grades and is close to getting kicked out. However after meeting Souma, she gains some self confidence and grows as a chef. Now what harem is complete without a blonde bombshell? Not this one! Introducing Mito Ikumi, aka “Niku” (Meat). She specializes in cooking all types of meat related dishes. She is the sole successor of the Mito family and is very prejudice about using high class ingredients to make high standard gourmet dishes.

Now the harem doesn’t end there but these are the main girls from the first arc of the story. Continuing through the story, Yukihira Souma’s cooking attracts the attentions of more girls (and guys) as he grows as a chef.

Now, I could get into many more shows that our Harem King has starred in, but then this would become a long and dragged on article. For now I will end it off with a list of other Harems that he stars in. No Game No Life(technically not a Harem), Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou kaSaenai Heroine no Sodatekata, and Absolute Duo.

Now go enjoy the Harem King and all of his Harems to your hearts content!



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