Intro to JOYSOUND.TV for the Anisong Lover

When it comes to singing our favorite anisongs or Japanese song for that matter, we don’t have to go to anime conventions just to make that happen. In fact, some Chinese and Korean owned karaoke/K-TV lounges have machines that offer a decent selection of our favorite anisongs but not enough to satisfy our craving for the older or newer songs like “Zankoku na Tenshi no These” for instance.

Another downside would be price especially if you don’t have a large group to split room fee. Sadly, for those of us here in Canada, we don’t have any karaoke lounges with the Japanese DAM or JOYSOUND machines like they do in the U.S.

But! There is a solution to that! Let me introduce you to this amazing app that my friends in the U.S. told me about… It’s called JOYSOUND.TV Plus, and you can download for free from the Japanese PSN store for your Nintendo 3DS, PS3, PS4, PS TV, PS Vita, or Wii U gaming consoles in the comfort of your living room.


Once you have the app installed on your console, there’s one step before you get everything going…


And yes, that means paying for a ticket to access the system but best of it, it lasts for a day’s worth of karaoke singing and all for the low price of ¥324 ($3.74 CAD). However, that ticket can only be used for the console that it was purchased on.


When it comes to queuing songs especially in a group, I’d definitely suggest using KyokuNavi (Song Navigator) so everyone with access to a smartphone or tablet can queue songs they’d want to sing on the fly.


Now before you get started, I’d suggest going to the Options menu first…



One that’s done, we can search the database for our favorite anisongs!


You can either search by: Song title, Artist, Song Code, or Keywords. The possibilities are endless and best of all, the JOYSOUND database has over 10,000 songs in not only Japanese but Chinese, English, and Korean as well! 


Here’s a Monthly Ranking of the top 100 popular anisongs/Tokusatsu songs. Do you recognize any of these popular songs?

And when it comes to artists, you’ll find just about all of their songs… 


And now we can start singing by reading the lyrics on screen or from a smartphone or tablet if you can’t read Japanese.

After every karaoke performance, this screen comes up to show your score:


Oh and about KyokuNavi, I’ve translated the interface so you can all understand what it says… First you need to log in my entering the password into the input boxes on the website. After that, you can search up songs and add them to the request list.














And there are also many different genres that you can look up songs under

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And when you tape on the View Requests button, you can see what songs are in the queue.


So yeah, hopefully my guide helps you out in the long run. Until then… HAPPY JOYSOUNDING!!


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