The Top Five Reasons why you should get into Slam Dunk

Just a word of warning, I may offend fujoshi with this article about why I prefer Slam Dunk over Kuroko no Basket. If you are one or a male equivalent of one, I’d highly suggest you to avoid reading this article unless you’re not easily offended. If you’re expecting something like Kuroko no Basket with Zone, 100% accuracy shooting, perfect copy and other supernatural powers, stop reading right now, because it has none of that.  Unlike Kuroko no Basket, the focus is on the entire team and not just two players. In short, it displays the sport in a way more realistic way than Kuroko no Basket where winning comes at the cost of team effort and not just selfish individual plays.

This might sound harsh but it’s fact and if it wasn’t for Slam Dunk, Kuroko no Basket never would’ve existed. The reason for that is because Slam Dunk like Captain Tsubasa in the 80’s, popularized the sport of popularized the sport of Basketball in not only Japan but its neighbouring Asian counties as well in the 90’s.

81hiC8zHyML Like most anime series that were originally manga, Slam Dunk started off as a shounen manga by Inoue Takehiko that was serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump from Sept, 1990 to June 4, 1996. As someone born in the 80’s and grew up with anime/manga since he was four, Slam Dunk was also a part of my childhood and I enjoyed reading the Chinese translated Slam Dunk manga while also watching the anime too in its original Japanese with Chinese subtitles on laser disc and VHS. Anyway, just like most kids growing up in East Asia, Slam Dunk got me interested in the sport that I started following the NBA and that was before the Vancouver Grizzles and Toronto Raptors existed.

Because this was a manga/anime series from the early 90’s, you’ll notice some jerseys inspired by real life NBA teams like how the Seinan counterpart, Shohoku wears jerseys indentical to the Chicago Bulls during the Jordan years. Ryonan’s was inspired by the colours of their conference rivals, the Los Angeles Lakers, and Kainan’s was inspired by the colours of the LA Lakers.

Sadly, the anime left off at the national championship whereas Kuroko’s Basketball didn’t but that shouldn’t prevent you from watching the anime.

Five Reasons to watch Slam Dunk

1. The Music is nostalgic and full of feels 

Slam Dunk OP 1

“Kimi ga Suki dato Sakebitai” by BAAD

Slam Dunk ED2
“Anata dake Mitsumeteru” by Ōguro Maki

2. The basketball they play is REALISTIC and the action is highly dramatic!

3. The comedy is pure gold and makes this an overall fun series to watch

4. It’s educational! Well.. in a sports sense as it explains the lingo and also pays tribute to legendary basketball players like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar  as well. Well, we do have a character who is acts like a tribute to sneakerhead culture….

5. Characters like Sakuragi Hanamichi will get you on both feet and do the unexpected!

And so there you have it, an article on why you should either read or watch Slam Dunk because it’s by far the greatest sports anime/manga ever created of all time. Best of all, it’s also available on CrunchyRoll too but only in 480p. Well…. There is also the Blu-Rays which were released last year but those don’t come with subtitles.
slam dunk on crunchyroll


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