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Final Fantasy XV Release Date Leaked

Final Fantasy XV is set to release September 30 according to a leak that occurred earlier today.

In a since-removed video from GameSpot, the release date was revealed along with news that a new demo for the game would be launching later today (March 30). A screenshot from the video was posted to NeoGAF since the video has now been set to “private”. The date from the video coincides with rumors from earlier in the month putting the Final Fantasy XV release on September 30th as well.

In addition to the release date, the video reports that the new demo will show off the Final Fantasy XV’s “final visuals and combat system” and that fans will get an exclusive Carbuncle summon for completing it. According to the video, playing through the demo is the only way to obtain this summon.

The demo reportedly centers around a young Noctis adventuring through a dream world of his own creation, according to Gematsu.

Final Fantasy XV Uncovered

Square is holding a special Final Fantasy XV event tonight hosted by Greg Miller and Tim Gettys of Kinda Funny, so it shouldn’t take too long before we know if the rumors are true. If you want to watch Final Fantasy XV Uncovered check out their page for livestream information and links.

Let us know what you’re most looking forward to about Final Fantasy XV and what you’re most worried about as well. As always thanks for reading – please comment below and share around this article as much as you can!

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