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Figure Review – Choujigen Game Neptune: The Animation – Black Heart – 1/7 – Alter

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Watsup! Nyanmaru here with a figure review! Up today is my personal favorite, my 1/8 figure of Black Heart!

First, a little bit of background info. Black Heart is the Hard Drive Divinity form of the character Noire from the Hyper Dimension Neptunia Series. She rules over Lastation, the land of black regality, along with her sister Uni. To those familiar with this series, you will know that the game itself is a personification of the console war, Lastation being the representation of the PlayStation brand in reality.

Personally, I’m a big fan of Noire/Black Heart and that’s pretty much what prompted me to buy this figure. PlayStation is also pretty much my peanut butter and jelly as far as gaming is concerned. So when I saw this beauty pop up on AmiAmi, I didn’t think twice about making her mine.

Alter did a fantastic job of capturing her likeness in this figure. Her battle ready pose makes the figure more dynamic and the attention to detail is amazing.  The proportions are perfect and everything from her face to her sword is well crafted.


Putting her together was a bit of a trial. Fitting her to her base was simple as well as her hip parts and head gear. The real challenge came from placing the wings on.

In her hair are tiny indentations which indicate where to connect the small stubs that protrude from the wing pieces. The wings all look identical aside from a few small details. This made it slightly difficult to figure out which ones went where and when you figure out where each one goes, putting them on was another trial in itself. The nubs on the wings were made to fit nice and snug into the indents in her hair, but once in, a certain amount of pressure was need to ensure they stayed in place. The angles at which you can use to push them in are difficult to get at since her hair gets in the way of placing the wings effectively. Once they’re in, they don’t fall out which is great since putting them in was annoying.


Another issue I have is with her sword. As big as it is, it might fall off if not properly put on. The sword connects to the figure via the tiny nub provided on the hand holding the hilt. Its small and the place where it connects is a small hole found at the end of her right arm. If you angle it wrong, the sword will keep falling out due to its weight. I managed to get it in right and it hasn’t fallen out for a while so I think I nailed it.


It’s very well made, high quality and is well worth its price. Kudos to you Alter!

full body

…Now if you’ll just release one for Neptune then the set will be complete :3

Don't even think twice about buying this figure if you love PlayStation, are a fan of Hyperdimensional, or if you don't mind the steep price.
  • Captures character well
  • Dynamic pose
  • Alter’s high quality
  • Somewhat of a chore to put together
  • Might be too pricey for some

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