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I go by the name Vanilla, that’s my screen name, aka online alias, or labels as would be appropriate to call them. And ironic as it is, I will be writing about a broad variety of niche topics. As for what those are…it’s a surprise! I’ll be feeding them into the site whenever I can muster up the time to whip them up. I like to think it keeps things fresh when you don’t know what to expect. I might even try to be (not very) clever and give hints in the pictures I include in other articles. I may also talk about more controversial subjects like I am about to.

That’s not to say I won’t do the occasional review, but I try to stay clear of the generic. My basic philosophy is that in order for a site to maintain viewership, it has to have some sort of competitive advantage, which is to say it needs to have something that stands out about it. How many anime news sites are there now? Why would I want to dedicate myself to a website that posts things I could find on the first page of Google image? Being like any other blog is is an effective way to make people close the browser tab, which is not what I aim to accomplish (I swear).

As for what I do in real life, I have a Commerce Degree with an Accounting Major. I’m now the accountant for a restaurant chain called The Chopped Leaf, where I manage salary & payroll, scheduling, and other administrative duties.

But enough about me, here’s what I actually wanted to talk about:

No, not Italian boats or shaved ice (well, kind of).

So what’s the deal with labels?

This image serves as a metaphor to explain how labels are nothing more than a preference with respect to how you decide to use them. For example, labeling yourself as an Otaku is something a lot of people do to describe themselves because they have a self-proclaimed obsession with something. By default, that something is anime and manga, but it can be anything. However, whether or not you want to label yourself with such a thing is entirely up to you. It really doesn’t matter, or make any real difference.

It’s just a label.

Labels don’t define who you are as a person, nor do they imbue you with any more or less of any given characteristic. It could actually result in a case of a self-fulfilling prophecy, where you start to act more of a certain way just because that’s who you think you are. You are who you are. You’re emotionally invested in different things than the next person, and you think in a way that nobody can ever replicate, even if they tried (see: why relationships fail). That’s what makes you unique and interesting. People aren’t something well-suited to being labeled because we’ve all had different experiences, seen and heard different things, and met an entirely different set of people. This eclecticism is the reason why a label captures about as much of a person as burgundy red does of the entire color spectrum.

That being said, it’s not necessarily a bad thing to have some sense of belonging. For instance, there’s nothing wrong with saying you’re a Nazi if it makes you feel more comfortable around your united brothers in arms. It’s just that I think the world takes these things too seriously. Scrub, Pleb, Normie, Weeb, Otaku, whatever; I’ve seen far too many legitimate arguments in my lifetime regarding labels, when it is really nobody else’s business but one’s own. Of course, there are matter of fact things like how a black person is black, how a white person is white, and how an assault helicopter is a military combat vehicle. But for self-identifying classifications that are subjective by nature, it’s just flavoring for your own cup of shaved ice, and nobody else’s.

I realize this is not truly a post about anime, but I think it’s relevant to frame it in this context because of how pervasive the subject is in the culture itself.


Hello. I read animu and watch mangos. I love slice of life and emotional stuff. My favorite Pokemon move is Calm Mind but I'm not calm, mind you. I'm terrible with money and spend all of it on Yugioh cards and plastic waifus and my life is a mess, but actually yeah I do like spaghetti quite a bit.