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Manga Review – I am a Hero

The zombie genre (if you can even call it that) has been done to death (sorry) lately. Luckily that doesn’t mean you can’t find a few gems among the mass of content. I am a Hero is a perfect example of the zombies done the right way and definitely deserves the title of “gem”.


  Author: Kengo Hanazawa
  Publisher: Shogakukan
  Eng Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
  Genre: Seinen
  Original Run: 2009 - Present
  Volumes: 18

The first volume (consisting of Chapters 1-11) of I am a Hero caught me completely off-guard in the best way possible. I knew going into the books that it was about zombies and the first chapter definitely reinforced that idea. As it turns out though, the first couple of chapters are actually

I’ve also never read a manga where I kept wondering if the main character was mentally sound or not.

Plot   -   9 / 10

The story of I am a Hero follows the daily life of Hideo Suzuki, a 35 year old manga artist. A former mangaka whose series got cancelled, our MC has been reduced to working as an assistant at a pornographic manga studio. Hideo is timid and introverted, but he also has a lot of pent up frustration because he views himself as a side character in his own life. His frustration frequently results in Hideo talking to himself and daydreaming.

Hideo has a happy relationship with a supportive girlfriend, but constantly feels threatened by a former colleague and successful manga artist who serves as her mentor. Hideo is also a gun enthusiast and owns a hunting rifle, which you may have guessed will come into play later in the story.

Setting   -   10 / 10

Characters   -   8 / 10

As the plot section describes, the main character of I am a Hero – Hideo Suzuki – is really well developed, extremely believable and overall a great main character. Most of the other characters in the manga follow suit

The characters in I am a Hero

Art   -   11! / 10

If you checked out the picture included with this post you probably already know what I’ll say about the art in I am a Hero. It’s downright beautiful. If you are into hyper realism and attention to detail then this will hit all the marks for you.

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